FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $25+ // Free curbside pick up in Cozad // Free delivery within city limits of Cozad or Lexington, NE


As we continue to hear about closings and cancellations throughout our state/country, I want to update everyone on all the precautions I’m taking within the store in regards to COVID-19.

Each morning when I get to the store and every evening before I leave, I wipe down all door handles and checkout counter with disinfecting wipes. I also spray Lysol near the doors and counter. After each customer comes in & out of the doors, I’m wiping them down. After each checkout, I wipe down the pens, iPad and counter top. I wash my hands after each time I use the register. There is also hand sanitizer located at each door and checkout counter.

Every shipment that I receive is sprayed down with Lysol before opening. If items are received in plastic, I spray them down before I unpack the item. I put all plastic wrapping directly into a covered trashcan in the back of the store. I then wash my hands before touching any product. Please be aware that I do not spray Lysol directly on any of the products.

Returning home after in-store shopping I suggest that you wash all items, as instructed on the label, before you wear them. After everything gets into the washer, throw all packaging into a covered trashcan and thoroughly wash your hands.

Before packaging any products to be shipped, I make sure to spray the mailer or box. Many of my shipping containers have been in the store for months before the outbreak but I’m doing my part to make sure I don’t spread any sort of germs.

I highly suggest that once you receive your shipment from us that you spray the package with Lysol before bringing it into your home. Once in your home, unpack and throw shipping package directly into a covered trashcan then wash your hands. I’d then get all clothing items into the washer as soon as you can, following the instructions on the garment label, and spray anything else with Lysol. Then wash your hands again.

I am not only taking these precautions for all of my customers but for myself and my family. If you feel sick at all, please stay home. You may not have COVID-19 but there are many other illnesses that can easily be spread. We have a website that you may shop on from the comfort of your home. We also offer Sezzle, a layaway program, to ensure you don’t miss out on something great! Shipping is free when you spend $100 or more online.

The pandemic of COVID-19 is going to be hard not only on the economy as a whole but also small businesses, like Sweet Water Outfitters. I want to ensure you that we aren’t going to let this get us down and you should keep your head up too! We are continuing with business as usual and excited for the coming months! Thank you to all our faithful followers and loyal customers. - Chelsie